How it Works


With your active engagement, the dignity and hope project aims to help individuals achieve their goals and provide for their families. Our localized team visits rural villages and underprivileged areas to encourage families to start their own sustainable businesses in their communities. Once each candidate is assessed*, the selected entrepreneurs’ business ideas will then be published on our web-platform for the dignity and hope community to fund. 

* Good to know: Before a start-up project is published on, the prospective entrepreneurs will have an assessment of their ability, attitude and motivation. They are also provided training in the basics of how to set up a successful business.


With your investment, you enable your selected entrepreneur to begin their journey towards a dignified and hopeful future. The entrepreneur will work with our localized dignity and hope team. The team will help them to source the necessary materials and organize their training. All the administrative fees will be covered. We are one step closer to a more hopeful future!


Soon after investing, you will receive a certificate that confirms your official status as a partner in the start-up business. Many partners choose to display their certificates of partnership at work or at home, to showcase how they’re helping to change lives in another country and spark discussion about how others can help too. Our localized dignity and hope team will then send you annual reports and pictures documenting the progress and success of the business you invested in.