How We Make a Difference

How We Make a Difference 

The Bluseeds Kick-Start Investment Program is different than any other micro-financing program – but why?

The purpose of the Kick-Start Investment is to provide entrepreneurs with the means of starting their own business. All Bluseeds entrepreneurs receive training and support alongside the start-up funding.

The Bluseeds Kick-Start Investment Program is different because not only do we give entrepreneurs the funding they need to start their business but we also provide training and support, helping to make sure that every new business owner has the chance to get ahead quickly.

But that's not all. At Bluseeds we are all about sharing the wealth in every way. After six to eight months, most of our brilliant Bluseeds business owners are in a position to do just that, by 'passing on' their Bluseed Kick-Start funds to another pre-selected prospect, to enable him/her to start a business through their own strength and ability. In this way, a single Kick-Start Investment has the potential to positively impact multiple families and communities.

By the Numbers - How the Bluseed 'Garden' Grows

For every one Bluseed entrepreneur who receives kick-start funding, on average five people benefit immediately from that newly generated income. When that entrepreneur is in a position to invest in another person this adds five more beneficiaries (at least) and one more successful entrepreneur.

If this “chain of reinvestment” isn't broken for the next ten years you will have planted the seed for over 17 active entrepreneurs and impacted the lives of over 85 people! All from a single donation! Now, how amazing is that?