Welcome to Bluseeds - Dignity and Hope

When I first visited Uganda, I met so many passionate people full of life and potential. We shared with each other about our lives and I listened to their plans about how to transform their circumstances. This deeply touched my heart and changed my life. Inspired by my visit, I started the movement Dignity & Hope in 2015, when  I decided to take an active part in fighting poverty. And I believe that all nations can rise to create a bright future through their own strength.

I’m very humbled to see many successful entrepreneurs in Uganda. And with their
re-investment in other Ugandans, the movement grows monthly and more people are having their basic needs of life met. With the proof of concept in Uganda, we started «Bluseeds – Dignity & Hope» with a team of world changers. My best investment ever.

Please, join us now in planting seeds for the
biggest trees, where the next generation
can grow up in dignity and with hope.»
Dino A. Parrella, Founder and CEO
Bluseeds - Dignity and Hope