President's Corner

Through Bluseeds - dignity and hope, we empower people to succeed through their own strengths and abilities. Today, we have over 43 active entrepreneurs with over 377 beneficiaries in Uganda.

Disadvantaged entrepreneurs can have a hopeful future in their own country and in the global community. We will break down the perception of poverty in order to create the foundation for an independent future for all those we support. We are all living in one world, one marketplace, one success story. 

It’s important to bring awareness of this project. We encourage you to discuss it with your friends, or share your experience and ideas on social media. With your help, ideas, and constructive criticism we can grow this innovative movement! Thank you in the name of all the entrepreneurs and team members of Bluseeds - dignity and hope for your support! 

Which are our next steps?

Since 2016 we have been proving in Uganda that the concept of Bluseeds - dignity and hope works!  We are strengthening the Bluseeds team and are in the process of being registered as a "Charity" in the United Kingdom. This will give us additional credibility and the opportunity to enter new fields.

We will expand our activities in 2019 to:

- Tanzania

- Moldova

- Brasil

The costs to start up in a new country or location are approximately UDS 20,000 which includes the kick-start of 10 entrepreneurs too. Please visit Become a Sponsor to receive all information about how you can support us and help us achieve our plans for 2019.