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Bluseeds Quick Facts (updated January 2020)



Before Naume became an entrepreneur in 2016, she was unable to feed her family on a daily basis and did not have the money to cover basic medical needs, provide for a safe home for herself and her family or send her children to school.

Naume applied for a Kick-Start Investment and presented her ideas, explaining why she believed she would succeed in what she planned to do. After our assessment, we provided the funds to start her business with a very small KickStart of US$ 187.

Naume opened a restaurant and catering business - named after herself - to cater to and feed the workers at a nearby factory. She rented a little hut close to the factory from which she operates. Today, Naume sells over 100 meals a day in the restaurant and 200 breakfasts in the factory. She has hired three employees so far and the future of 'Naume's Resturant' looks bright.

Naume, like all of our entrepreneurs, reinvested the kick-start money she received from Bluseeds into another Ugandan entrepreneur's dream, to help spark the start of another new business and a more hopeful future for all.





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